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 Discont Air Ticket
 Tickets with the difference between peak season and off-season student holidays and December for the Christmas holidays, usually from June to August is the peak season for air tickets.
If your travel plans are set in during the peak season, we recommend that you should immediately booking and ticketing, to ensure that seats once given a good starting date. Generally from February to April is to buy the ticket of the summer vacation in September and October to buy the Christmas holiday tickets.
If the date of your travel plans travel date is not the peak season, then we recommend that you buy your ticket before two months to one month, because in the low season for tourism, travel agents will get a good contract from the airline in order to vigorously to sell their ticket for the airline, these special fares, usually in one to two months before, so if you at this time to buy a ticket, be sure you are satisfied with the price.