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 Group Air Tickets

1.Please choose to join the most suitable for your group tickets, and then contact the sponsor, and please specify the route, time, and the maximum you can adjust the date and any special expectations.
2. Group the spontaneous behavior of the group, we can not promise that all scheduled trip, and eventually into the group travel by the number and time, and the airline provides a variety of factors.
3. To increase into the group rate, you can also add more than one regiment for votes (for example, also added Toronto, Beijing and Toronto to Shanghai activities) in the final group before, there will be an e-mail contact the tour to confirm.
4. Group ticket prices are usually comparable to the same period in the same line ticket prices 10% -15% lower. However, the final price is subject to final contract negotiated with airline companies. The final price, we have 11 confirmed in writing with the tour. To join the activities of the group votes only said the intention of the group Friends of travel does not have any binding effect on any party with.
5 Once group tickets are out of tickets, departure and return times can not be changed. So please friends very carefully select the last ticket. Before the ticket will win the written consent of the users.
6. Although the group ticket price, but lack of flexibility of rescheduled change is not suitable for the travel needs of all users.