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Add:150 Colborne, Unit A3 

  Brantford, ON N3T  2G6  Canada

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Using a credit card payment: We accept Mastercard, Visa and Ameirican Express credit cards.
Transfer phone: If your bank is TD canada, you can through their Chinese hotline, direct transfers to our company, usually the amount is $ 1,000 a day, more than 1,000 Canadian dollars to the second working day in order to account.
Email Transfer: If your online banking service opened Email Money can also be achieved through the input of our company email address online transfer. As follows:
1. input to our Email address
2. Enter a company name Bell travel
3. Enter the transfer amount (usually one day $ 1,000 limit is a free service of TD users, other banks for
TD users need to pay a $ 1.50 service charge)
Set safety quiz (the issue of confidentiality is what? Is the answer?)
In this way, as long as we receive your e-mail, with the right answers you can receive the funds. Transfer waiting time for about half an hour.
TD Bank counters direct deposit: If you want to pay cash, can go to any TD Bank branch to deposit our Turst account # # # # # # # procedure is complete, call us to confirm, we can immediately give you a ticket.
TD Bank account as follows: # # # # # # #
Company Name: the BELL TRAVEL
Please be assured that deposits account for the TRUST ACCOUNT